• Yochanan Keitz

The Israeli Defense Forces

The IDF has become one of the finest defensive forces in the world. This is partly by necessity, partly by evaluation of the enemy, but mostly because they represent the armies of YHWH, the forces of God. The IDF is the most technologically advanced military machine in the world, and for its’ size, the best defensive force in the world. By all standards, the IDF represents the new wave of military operations against a new kind of enemy, the terrorist movement which tries to hide itself behind innocent people, even their own. The enemy directs its terrorist activities underneath schools, hospitals, and family dwellings knowing that any attack will have innocent casualties to cast blame upon attacker from world opinion. Weapons, bombs, and rockets are also stockpiled under mosques, schools, and medical centers to seemingly appear hands off peace centers to outsiders and discourage air raids which is a war crime that Hamas, Hesbollah and Al Queda have no problem exploiting. These enemies of YHWH also utilize ambulances and emergency vehicles for transportation to avoid detection.

To its credit, the Israeli Defense Forces have forewarned citizens of pending attacks to Gaza; also, Israel honored two periods of cease fire, so that food and medical supplies could be replenished. Hamas did not honor the periods of moratorium and also, forced families to stay in their homes, in defiance, during Israel assaults. Despite Hamas efforts, Israel has managed to minimize casualties as the IDF seeks to stop the terrorist activities and kill only terrorists.

Iron Dome

The constant rain of rockets by Hamas has been met by the Iron Dome missile defense system. Although it is not perfect, it has been very successful in minimizing the effect of the hundreds of rockets being launched by Hamas from Gaza. The lack of multiple deaths, and the minimal destruction has enabled the IDF the time needed to mount an attack on Gaza, in order to destroy the intricate tunnel system which permits Hamas to launch attacks into Israel. A prolonged military invasion typically receives unfavorable criticism from the Israeli public opinion, but the success of Iron Dome has created an appeal to finish the incursion.

Israel From Space

Operation Protective Edge

IDF forces continue to move slowly through the Gazan neighborhoods of Shuja’iya, Jahalya and Beit Lahiya, searching for terror tunnels, terrorist command centers and weapons caches. Intense fighting with Hamas operatives has been fierce, as Hamas fights to maintain its strategic vantage for striking Israel with coordinated attacks.

Since the start of Operation Protective Edge, over 2040 rockets and mortars were fired at Israel. Of them, 1570 hit Israel and 396 were intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system. The objective of the mission is to restore calm and obliterate the Hamas fighting structure and leadership. This is a tall order because they do not wear recognizable uniforms and easily blend in with the general Palestinian population.


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