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The Israel Journey

Yochanan Keitz

Raised Roman Catholic Christian, Electronic Engineer by degree working in the wireless Industry since 1982's pioneer days keeping people talking.  Continue as a non man made religion Faithful seeker of Hebraic Roots researching topics such as Population Migrations, 10 Lost Tribes of Israel and noting "All" who choose The God of Abraham, Yitzhak & Yahcob (Yisrael) are grafted Into the House of Yisrael. Hearing & Doing The Creator's Spoken Words recorded for "ALL" in Torah by Moshe as best as i can seeking the confirmation testimonies of the men/woman written words in the Tanakh and Brit Chadashah.  Simply a messenger of Truth is my passion. Please always confirm using 2, 3 or more sources in YHVH's יְהוָֹה Name.  1st Source being our Creator's Spoken Words recorded for us by Moshe in the 1st 5 Books in everyone's bible called by those who kept this for 35 centuries, The Torah.  Married to Yael Keitz