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To bring light to our Creator's Moedims aka "Appointed Holy Meetings" with emphasis on the 7th Moedim, "Sukkoth" aka Feast of Tabernacles" in the Nations & in The Land of Yisrael.    


Done in collaboration with many elders of various congregations in The Nations & The Land of Yisrael (Israel) connecting via the HRN "Hebraic Root Network" to provide locations and dates to assemble and be joyous. Herein pictorial/video witness of SukKoths in the past to empower people to Meet with the Creator for His Moedims as in a Sukkoth in the future. Spoken by Our Creator for YOur hEARING IN vAYIKRA (leviticus) Chapter 23  Verify for YOURself & Make Yourself Free

Click below for the Sukkah Factory in Israel

Please check back and will be updating on Sukkoth Festival of the Nations & Yisrael in Independence Park, Yerushalayim (Jerusalem) as we receive it

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